UnderCover Prophecy (UCP)

UnderCover Prophecy (UCP) were a Hip Hop collective from Buckingham that formed in 1991 and consisted of DJ Delta, DJ Trail One, Kraze OneEscape, Krome 2, Hysko, Assault, M-zime, KauseAmmo, Jedi, Crusade, J Rapz, Wooly, and Impact. All members of UCP attended Buckingham secondary school during 1991 and were either participating in street dancing or graffiti tagging. Several of the groups members would progress to participate in Graffiti art, Rapping, DJ’ing and Producing.

UnderCover Prophecy – Buckingham 1991. 

UCP was originally formed in the summer of 1991 by DJ Delta, DJ Trail One and Kraze One. The inspiration and idea to form as a Hip Hop crew was down to aspiring DJs Trail One and Delta who prior to forming as UCP were already piecing together DJ equipment. DJs Trail One and Delta approached Kraze One who reluctantly agreed to become the rapper for the crew. The three founding members came up with the name UnderCover Prophecy (UCP).

DJ Trail One, DJ Delta, Kraze One – Buckingham 1991.

When UCP initially formed Kraze One was more interested in street dancing and graffiti art and did not have any aspirations of becoming a solo rapper. After discussions with DJs Trail One and DeltaKraze One recruited rappers Escape and M-Zime hoping to share the responsibility of writing lyrics, recording raps, and eventually performing live. Kraze One and M-zime had rapped together once for a school music project and Escape was already writing lyrics and rapping in the school playground.

UnderCover Prophecy – Buckingham 1991.

During the autumn of 1991 Trail One, Delta and Kraze One began to establish UCP on the local Hip Hop scene. Initially this was achieved by creating graffiti art murals, street tags and dance battles at local events. Towards the end of 1991 Krome 2 who was already an established local graffiti artist and childhood friend of Kraze One began painting with UCP. The inclusion of Krome 2 and other street taggers such as Ammo and Kause helped increase the collectives street presence. 

UCP Artwork Slideshow – Buckingham, 1991.

DJs Trail One & Delta continued to focus on making music. As soon as the rappers had written some lyrics UCP began to practice after school in the music rehearsal room. Shortly after DJs Trail One & Delta arranged a studio session with DJ Halo who helped them construct a backing track using samples. Kraze One also attended the studio session which provided the first insight for the crew on how Hip Hop music at the time was created.

DJ Delta, Kraze One – Buckingham, 1992.

DJ Halo was already established both locally and regionally, and was part of Hip Hop collective The Criminal Minds who along with other local Hip Hop crews such as Wize provided much of the inspiration behind the formation of UCP. By the start of 1992 UCP had begun to record basic demo’s using breakbeats, turntables and a microphone and had evolved to include a fourth rapper MC Assault. UCP eventually returned to DJ Halo‘s studio and recorded vocals to their first demo entitled “The final assault”.

UCP “Dedicated 2 the crew & The final assault” –  Demo recordings, 1992.

The UCP demo recordings were never intended to be released and were only ever circulated to members of the collective. At Kraze One‘s request artist Krome 2 created a cassette cover for the collection of demos that signifies the entry point in music production for several members of UCP. The collective remained active participants in all elements of local Hip Hop culture during 1992 and eventually performed live for the first time at a house party in Buckingham.  

“UCP” by Trail One, Kraze One, Krome 2 – Buckingham, 1992.

UCP gradually disbanded in 1992 when most members finished full time education. Their final recording was completed by Kraze One, DJ DeltaMC Assault and singer Hysko during late 1992 when they returned to the recording studio to complete a composition entitled “The final assault“. The re-worked version built upon the original idea’s laid down by DJs Delta and Trail One and featured vocals by Kraze OneMC Assault and Hysko.

UCP “The final assault” – Demo recording, 1992.

During the time UCP were actively participating in Hip Hop culture the collective were all in their mid-teens. The experience provided a creative outlet and laid foundations on which members of the crew were able to build and develop their chosen skills. Throughout the mid 1990s several members of the UCP Posse continued their musical and artistic journeys which also involved collaborations and performances together on several future projects.  

Kraze One, Mel, Hysko, Krome 2 – Buckingham 1992.

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