The Atom

During the early 1990s rapper The Atom formed Hip Hop collective Death Before Dishonour (DBD) with Jack The Ripper, The Omen, The Hi-way man, Paraffin MC, and DJ Roughcut who helped facilitate the groups early demo recordings. In 1992 The Atom featured as a vocalist on a recording by DJ 2’E’Z  entitled “Hardcore mayhem” which formed part of a vinyl compilation EP released by Milton Keynes based label 2’E’Z Records.

The Atom.

Although DBD never officially released any recordings the collective worked alongside DJ Roughcut and created several albums worth of music at his studio Rough Productions that during the time was located in Newport Pagnell. DBD also formed part of a wider Milton Keynes based Hip Hop collective and regularly performed alongside The W.I.Z.E. Crew and Klass Dismissed. A selection of DBD Demo recordings can be heard in the below youtube playlist: Continue reading

2 Minds

2 Minds consisted of producers Spatts and Halo of Hip Hop\Rave collective The Criminal Minds who released a 12″ single using the alias while working with Labello Blanco Recordings during 1993. The single consisted of three compositions (Bubble riddim & ting, Raggas in space (commando blood fire version), Raggas in space (nervous breakdown mix)) and was released with a black & white sleeve which can be viewed in the below slide show:

2 Minds “Bubble riddim & ting\Raggas in space record sleeve” – Labello Blanco, 1993.

All three recordings were created, produced and mixed by Spatts and Halo at “The Hill” which refers to the location of the TCM HQ at Shipton Hill, Milton Keynes during the early 1990s. Several of the compositions from the 12″ single which were the only recordings released by the duo as 2 Minds can be heard in the below youtube playlist. At the time of publishing the track entitled “Raggas in space (commando blood fire version)” is not currently available on youtube. Continue reading

32 Troop

32 Troop initially consisted of producers Spatts and Halo who at the time were the musical force behind Hip Hop\Rave collective The Criminal Minds (TCM). The duo released a 12″ single entitled “Papa Malaysia\Old school soldier” in 1992 while working with White House Records. In 2012 Spatts resurrected the 32 Troop name and teamed up with producers Jerome Hill and Merlin to create a series of Hip Hop EPs that featured a host of rappers and DJs from the UK and Europe.

32 Troop “Papa Malaysia\Old school soldier playlist” – White House, 1992.

The “Papa Malaysia\Old school soldier” single that can be heard in the above youtube  playlist consists of three recordings (Papa Malaysia (Eviction Mix), Papa Malaysia (Bonus Beats), Old School Soldier (Spatt’s 24 Hour Ruffneck Mix)) in total all of which were produced and mixed by Spatts and Halo. In 1993 “Papa Malaysia” was remixed by Hardware (Zak & Jan) and retitled “32 Troop” for its inclusion on The Criminal MindsJoyrider ep” also released on White House Records. Continue reading