True Element (Chapter 4)

Welcome to the final chapter of the True Element story. In this section we will document a handful of reunion shows and the creation of several spin off recording projects that allowed True Element to evolve after circumstances beyond the bands control forced them to retreat from the live scene. collective will was still the driving force behind these final projects but this time the  inspiration was also based around reuniting and jamming just for fun. During this period True Element reconnected with some of their older affiliates, incorporated several new members and compiled a final recording project as the True Element MCs.

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True Element – Campbell park 2012.

As documented in the previous section True Element stopped performing live in March 2006 which is when all professional activity with the band ceased. The first reunion show came about as a result of a charity event organised by Killa Joul that took place in Buckingham during the summer of 2008. Killa Joul had organised a venue and compiled a CD of music by local artists. True Element‘s recording of “Natural selection” was included on the CD and several members reunited to perform at the event. All the reunion shows documented in this section included the core members of the original line up that were able to participate with support by musicians and vocalists from the wider community. For the Buckingham performance core members Aniis Le Neve, Kraze One, Big Jules and Flute Loop were accompanied by guitarist Ade Street, Drummer Real Deal and guest rapper Paranoia MC who had been working with DJ Kraze One on a separate recording project during this period. Continue reading

True Element (Chapter 3 Part B)

Welcome to the second part of the third chapter documenting True Element’s musical achievements. Part B will focus on the period between 2004 and 2006 when True Element reformed as a full live band after core members of the PZK broke away to focus on a recording project . During this period True Element developed new materiel which they regularly performed on the local music circuit and amongst other things picked up an award in 2006 issued by the local music press. This chapter also documents the unforeseen circumstances which lead to True Element’s inability to continue to champion local music and their disappearance from the scene in 2006.

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True Element – Xscape Milton Keynes 2005.

Since 2001 collective will had been the driving force that kept True Element‘s momentum. It was collective will between both True Element & PZK that had kept things moving up until the summer of 2004 when commitment to rehearsing and different musical outlooks forced a change in direction for both crews. This part of the Continue reading

True Element (Chapter 3 Part A)

Welcome to the third chapter of True Element’s story. This chapter will be broken down in to two parts. Part A will document True Element’s transition to working with Rap/Hip Hop crew PZK and the formation of PZK and The True Element Collective which included a full live band. Part B will document how True Element reformed and progressed as a live band when both crews separated to pursue different musical interests.

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During the later part of 2001 True Element had progressed from being a DJ Kraze One led project to a collective led project which had resulted in the compilation and release of their fourth studio EP entitled “The road less travelled”. The album launch marked the end of True Element as a traditional Hip Hop crew and for a short period all True Element activity ceased as the members of the collective either perused solo projects or concentrated on opportunities outside of music. Continue reading