Hysko joined Hip Hop collective UnderCover Prophecy (UCP) as a dancer shortly after its establishment in 1991 and eventually progressed to record vocals for the collective as they began to create their early studio recordings. As the 1990s progressed Hysko also recorded, performed live, and released music with Milton Keynes Hip Hop collective True Element. The below image was taken in 1992 and pictures Hysko (3rd from right) with several other members and affiliates of UCP.

UCP – Buckingham, 1992.

UCP were primarily a graffiti collective and dance troop that performed as a pastime in and around Buckingham during the early 1990s. As the collective slowly became established DJs Trail One and Delta began to explore music production with rapper Kraze One which eventually resulted in a completed studio recording entitled “The final assault” that featured Hysko on vocals. The unreleased recording which can be heard in the below youtube video was completed in late 1992.

UnderCover Prophecy (UCP) “The final assault” – Unreleased demo, 1992.

During the mid 1990s Kraze One began to explore music production further and in 1997 established and independently released a recording project under the collective name of True Element. In 1998 Hysko contributed vocals to a recording entitled “The grim reality” which formed part of True Element‘s second studio project entitled “The true elementalz ep“. “The grim reality” can be heard in the below sound cloud insert and features vocals performed by Hysko.

True Element “The grim reality” – One On One Productionz, 1998.

On Thursday 18th June 1998 and shortly before the release of “The true elementalz epHysko joined rappers Kraze One, Mr Lusta, and Tony Mac on Milton Keynes radio station CRMK for a live performance of True Element‘s past and present materiel. Hysko contributed to several True Element compositions during part two of the live performance that was hosted by DJ Anthony Beattie and can be heard in the below youtube video:

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