W.I.Z.E Crew

The W.I.Z.E Crew were a collective of Hip Hop participants from Milton Keynes that were active during the early 1990s. The W.I.Z.E Crew centred around rapper and producer Judge Wizely and also consisted of DJ Roughcut, MC Law, DJ 2’E’Z, Dancers Hit & Run, X Wize, Last Legionary, MC Other Wize, Simon F and various other vocalists, musicians and dancers connected to the local Hip Hop scene.

W.I.Z.E Crew – The Point, Milton Keynes, 1993.

The W.I.Z.E Crew were regularly performing at local music venues and events in and around Milton Keynes during the early 1990s and by 1991 they had an unofficial cassette known as “The W.I.Z.E tape” circulating amongst the local Hip Hop community. “The W.I.Z.E tape” contained six of the groups early recordings all of which can be heard in the below youtube playlist:

W.I.Z.E. Crew “The Wize tape” – Demo recordings playlist, 1991.

in 1992 Judge Wizely, DJ Roughcut and DJ 2’E’Z recorded and released a 12″ vinyl compilation EP entitled “Kuppa soop – Hardcore mayhem volume 1“. The EP consisted of several Rave\Hardcore recordings and was followed up in 1993 by a second volume entitled “Kuppa soop 2 – Mona in despair” that contained the debut and only official release by The W.I.Z.E Crew to date.

“Kuppa Soop Vol 2 – Mona in despair” – 2’E’Z Records, 1993.

Beats me” by The W.I.Z.E Crew appears on side 2, track position 3 of the “Kuppa soop 2 – Mona in despair” EP. The recording features rap vocals that were written and performed by Judge Wizely & MC Law with scratches & cuts by DJ Roughcut. The composition was produced and arranged by Judge Wizely and DJ Roughcut and can be heard in the below youtube video:

W.I.Z.E Crew “Beats me” (Kuppa Soop Vol 2 EP) – 2’E’Z Records, 1993.

The W.I.Z.E Crew remained active on the local live circuit during 1993 and according to the recording credits detailed on the back of the “Kuppa Soop 2 – Mona in despair” EP had begun working on new materiel. Further evidence to support the creation of a W.I.Z.E. EP can be heard in the below live footage of an unreleased track entitled “Mega man” recorded at The Point in Milton Keynes sometime during 1993. 

The W.I.Z.E Crew “Mega man” live performance – The point, Milton Keynes, 1993.

The above live performance features rapper Judge Wizely and two dancers believed to be Hit & Run that are credited in the shout outs section of the “Kuppa Soop 2 – Mona in despair” EP. DJ Roughcut is also present and part of the above live performance but has not been captured on camera. Break to the beat understand that The W.I.Z.E Crew disbanded sometime between 1993 and 1994. 

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