UnderCover Prophecy (UCP)

UnderCover Prophecy (UCP) were a Hip Hop collective from Buckingham that formed in 1991 and consisted of DJ Delta, DJ Trail One, Kraze OneEscape, Krome 2, Hysko, Assault, M-zime, KauseAmmo, Jedi, Crusade, J Rapz, Wooly, and Impact. All members of UCP attended Buckingham secondary school during 1991 and were either participating in street dancing or graffiti tagging. Several of the groups members would progress to participate in Graffiti art, Rapping, DJ’ing and Producing.

UnderCover Prophecy – Buckingham 1991. 

UCP was originally formed in the summer of 1991 by DJ Delta, DJ Trail One and Kraze One. The inspiration and idea to form as a Hip Hop crew was down to aspiring DJs Trail One and Delta who prior to forming as UCP were already piecing together DJ equipment. DJs Trail One and Delta approached Kraze One who reluctantly agreed to become the rapper for the crew. The three founding members came up with the name UnderCover Prophecy (UCP). Continue reading

Justice Element

The Justice Element crew formed at Buckingham sixth form collage during the last months of 1993. Musically Justice Element consisted of rapper MC Killa Joul, DJ Crime Plate and Kraze One who contributed to the project as a rapper, DJ and Producer. As Justice Element progressed on the local music scene and started to perform live the line up expanded to include Claire & Lydia (The funky dancers), T-boz, Lyrical Mic, Big Swede and various members of the local Hip Hop community.

Justice Element Crew – Buckingham, 1994.

Prior to the groups formation Kraze One was creating demo recordings using community DJ equipment at the Buckingham youth center. In early 1994 Kraze One and MC Killa Joul developed some of these ideas further using a single turntable and a microphone recording live to cassette tapes. Shortly after DJ Crime Plate obtained his own turntables and Justice Element began to perform live at local music events which helped establish the group on the local music scene. Continue reading