DJ Delta

DJ Delta discovered Hip Hop music and culture during the 1980s while growing up in the north of England. At the start of the 1990s he relocated to Buckingham on the outskirts of Milton Keynes, and shortly after formed Hip Hop collective UnderCover Prophecy (UCP) with DJ Trail One and Kraze One. During the early to mid 1990s DJ Delta participated in several of Hip Hop cultures elements and in 1994 he co wrote and produced a recording entitled “Positive freestylin’” with Hip Hop crew Phase 4.

“Delta” by DJ Delta – Buckingham, 1991.

UnderCover Prophecy (UCP) formed during the summer of 1991 by which time DJ Delta and DJ Trail One had begun piecing together sound equipment for recording purposes. In order to establish their name on the local Hip Hop scene the founding members began experimenting with graffiti art and created several murals at locations in and around Buckingham. UCP quickly expanded to incorporate several other writers, taggers and vocalist all of which attended Buckingham secondary school during 1991.

“Character” by Delta – Buckingham, 1991. 

As part of UCP posse DJ Delta championed the groups progression from a graffiti\dance troop to a music crew. This initially started with turntable jam sessions held in the school rehearsal space and quickly progressed to selecting samples with DJ Trail One for studio production. During 1992 UCP created several demo recordings all of which involved DJ Delta who contributed scratches, production and backing vocals. None of the UCP recordings were released.

UnderCover Prophecy “The Final Assault” – Demo recording, 1992.

UCP gradually disbanded towards the end of 1992 as most of the members left full time education. DJ Delta continued to explore music as a creative outlet becoming involved with the emerging rave scene and performing at local house parties and events. In 1994 he undertook a part time sound recording course at Audio lab studio located in Buckingham which led to an opportunity to write, produce, and release a recording with Hip Hop crew Phase 4.

“Phase 4” logo by Desire, 1995.

The Phase 4 crew evolved as a result of a studio jam session involving Mr Lusta, Kraze One, Lady of Funk and Mr Delta all of which were students studying sound recording part time at Audiolab during 1994. As part of the course structure the students created a demo recording while experimenting using the studio equipment. The recording was overheard by DJ Halo during a mastering session who expressed an interest in releasing the track if it could be developed to a professional standard.

Phase 4 with DJ Halo, Nigel Neil, DJ Trail – Audio Lab, Buckingham, 1995.

DJ Delta and Phase 4 worked with studio owner and mentor Nigel Neil during early 1995 to develop the recording further. The collective named the recording “Positive freestylin’” and decided on the group name of Phase 4 for its inclusion on DJ Halo’s compilation album entitled “Widow maker” that was released in March 1995 on Redshaw recordings. “Positive freestylin’” appears on Side B track position 3 of the cassette.

Widow maker – Redshaw recordings, 1995.

Positive freestylin’” was the only recording created by Phase 4 who at the time of its release performed live at a launch party held in Buckingham for the release of the “Widow maker” compilation cassette. The compilation and the accompanying live launch also featured recordings/performances by Halo, Iceski, Glen Woods, Kraze 1, Toneade, TNT, and DJ Trail. “Positive freestylin’” by Phase 4 can be listened to and downloaded from the below sound cloud link:

Phase 4 “Positive Freestylin'” – Redshaw, 1995.

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