Double Deff Chillers]

Double Deff Chillers (DDC) evolved from several Milton Keynes Hip Hop practitioners uniting to enter a competition held in London during 1986 at an event called UK Fresh. The Double Deff Chillers consisted of DJ/Producer Mixmaster MSC, Rapper MDR (Initially know as 2 Fresh), Rapper/Beatboxer King Paul D, Producer G Whizz, and DJ Cutski. The collective were actively contributing to the Hip Hop scene until 1989 when the remaining active members regrouped as Science Revealed.

Double Deff Chillers artwork – Rolek One, 1987.

Although Double Deff Chillers formed in 1986 the groups evolution started several years prior as a result of DJ Mixmaster MSC and rapper 2 Fresh collaborating to produce several  demo recordings. In the first instance the duo were limited to using DJ Mixmaster MSC‘s turntables, microphone and cassette player to formulate their ideas. An example of one of these early recordings entitled “2 Fresh & MSC” can be heard in the below youtube insert: Continue reading

Mixmaster MSC

Mixmaster MSC is one of a handful of pioneering Hip Hop DJs from Milton Keynes, England, UK and during the 1980s was a member of breakdance collective Asiatic Soul and Hip Hop crew Double Deff Chillers (DDC). Mixmaster MSC regularly performed as both a scratch DJ and a breaker at local events helping contribute to an emerging Hip Hop scene eventually progressing to perform alongside several of Hip Hop’s pioneering artists from both the UK the USA.

Mixmaster MSC – Milton Keynes, 2012.

Mixmaster MSC started to collect Hip Hop records after seeing and hearing Malcom McLaren & The World Famous Supreme Team’s single “Buffalo gals” on TV in 1982. Shortly after Mixmaster MSC began DJ’ing with several friends at lunchtime disco sessions while attending Woughton secondary school and during the mid-1980s progressed to perform at other local Hip Hop events such as The funky breakdown held in Peartree Bridge and The Point Club located in Central Milton Keynes. Continue reading

Mixmaster MSC Interview

Planned as a new City in the 1960s and developed through the 1970s Milton Keynes was designed to be a “City in the forest” between London and Birmingham. Residents of London began migrating to Milton Keynes in the late 1960s and continued through the 1970s and 1980s. By the mid 1980s the first wave of Hip Hop crews were taking to the streets and by the end of the decade Milton Keynes like many other Towns and Cities had its own fledgling Hip Hop scene that would develop and lead to a handful of local artists and crews taking their talent on to the streets and in to the clubs. Break to the beat recently had the opportunity of catching up with and interviewing one of Milton Keynes pioneering Hip Hop DJs Mixmaster MSC.

Mixmaster MSC – Milton Keynes, 2012.

Mixmaster MSC was one of the first Hip Hop scratch DJ’s to emerge from Milton Keynes. He was also a member of break-dance crew Asiatic Soul, and pioneering Hip Hop crew Double Deff Chillers. In the below interview Mixmaster MSC elaborates on the origins of Hip Hop culture in Milton Keynes and his involvement with the local scene. Continue reading