Science Revealed

Science Revealed consisted of rappers Martin (MDR) and Paul plus producer Gary and formed as a trio in 1989 to record materiel for Milton Keynes based record label Back Beat Records. Previously all three members Martin (MDR), Paul (initially known as King Paul D) and Gary (initially known as G Whizz) had formed part of Milton Keynes Hip Hop collective Double Deff Chillers who’s roots in Hip Hop culture date back to the early 1980’s.

Science Revealed, 1989.

During 1989 Back Beat Records released two Science Revealed compositions via a series of multi genre compilation projects aimed at highlighting artists affiliated to the city of Milton Keynes. The first studio recording entitled “Kick the jam” can be heard in the below youtube insert and formed part of the “Back beat records debut” vinyl EP. The release also featured recordings by New Mutants (“My head“), Illumini (“Captured“) and The Mens Club (“Let me be“).

Science Revealed “Kick the jam” – Back Beat Records, 1989.

The second Science Revealed composition entitled “Bass don’t stop” formed part of Back Beat Records second release entitled “Music from the metropolis” which was a double vinyl compilation album complete with a black & white picture sleeve that can be viewed in the below slideshow. Similar to the “Back beat records debut ep” this release also contained exclusive recordings created by artists with a connection to Milton Keynes.

Music from the metropolis – Back Beat Records, 1989.

Music from the metropolis” was also released in 1989 and featured recordings created by New Mutants, Illumini, The Mens Club, The Blues Collective, William Waterside, Beaver Patrol, Villain, Hoodlum Scientist, The Cosmopolitician, Dream, Big George Webley, Picture House, Triffic, Colin Preston, Soft Lizards, Another Day and The Trees. “Bass don’t stop” by Science Revealed can be heard in the below youtube insert:

Science Revealed “Bass don’t stop” – Back Beat Records, 1989.

After recording for Back Beat Records the Science Revealed vocalists Martin (MDR) and Paul progressed to collaborate with DJ/Producer Steve Gurley. In the early 1990s the trio recorded several compositions aligned to the sound of Hip Hop music during the era by using breakbeats and samples. None of the materiel from this period was ever properly finished or released but an example of a track entitled “Dope jam” can be heard in the below youtube insert:

Science Revealed “Dope jam” – Demo recording, Early 1990s.

During the early 1990s Science Revealed were also performing on the local live circuit. An example of an event called “Urban Warfare” that featured both Science Revealed and Milton Keynes based Hip Hop collective The Criminal Minds can be viewed in the below flyer. The event was organised by Headless Promotions and held in a venue called The Madcap Theatre that at the time was located in Creed Street, Wolverton, Milton Keynes.

“Urban Warfare” event flyer – Madcap theatre, Wolverton, early 1990s.

The final Science Revealed recordings were created in approximately 1992 when vocalists Martin (MDR) and Paul began collaborating with producer and musician Big George Webley. The trio created a Science Revealed single entitled “The Boomie Sound” that was planned to be released as a cassette featuring artwork created by Steve Sampson. The cassette artwork for the release can be viewed below but the recordings were never released as the group separated shortly after.

“The Boomie Sound” cassette artwork – Steve Sampson, early 1990s.

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*Dedicated In memory of producer Gary Riches (G Whizz) RIP.

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