Milton Keynes Hip Hop Culture Part 1B (MK Gallery Exhibition 2021)

Welcome to the second section documenting the Milton Keynes Hip Hop Culture Part One Exhibition held at MK Gallery Project Space during July and August 2021. To access part A of the article please visit:

MK Hip Hop Culture Part 1 – MK Gallery Project Space, 2021.

In this section of the article we are going to cover the remaining images, videos and memorabilia displayed in the exhibition and explain how several of the artists, crews and projects relate to each other in the context of the local Hip Hop scene.

During the 1980s pioneering graffiti artist Rolek One who’s artwork and images made up a significant part of the exhibition was also a member of the Asiatic Soul break-dance crew. The 1980s picture displayed in the exhibition features members of Asiatic Soul along with other friends and associates connected to the local Hip Hop scene. In the below photo a young Rolek One (front left) is pictured next to Asiatic Soul crew member Mixmaster MSC (front center) who aside from being a break-dancer was also one of Milton Keynes first local Hip Hop DJs.

Asiatic Soul & The MK Posse – Milton Keynes, 1980s.

During the time Asiatic Soul were active they could be seen break-dancing at local events and at several locations in and around Milton Keynes. Asiatic Soul would also travel further afield to compete in break-dance events against other crews. During the 1980s pioneering local scratch DJ Mixmaster MSC was also performing live in and around Milton Keynes. An example of one such performance filmed in 1987 at The Point night club formed part of a collection of footage screened during the exhibition.

Mixmaster MSC – The Point night club – Milton Keynes, 1987.

Mixmaster MSC also formed pioneering local Hip Hop crew Double Deff Chillers with rapper MDR and beatboxer King Paul D. The trio began recording demos in the early 1980s an in 1986 after meeting producer G-Whizz and DJ Cutski they collectively formed as Double Deff Chillers. A live performance from the crew also recorded at The Point night club in 1987 was screened during the exhibition.

Double Deff Chillers – The Point night club – Milton Keynes, 1987.

Graffiti artist Rolek One designed several pieces of artwork for Double Deff Chillers during the time they were active and performing both in Milton Keynes and further afield. One such example formed part of the display collated in the second vitrine of the exhibition, details of which can be viewed in the below slide show:

“Double Deff Chillers” by Rolek One, 1987. 

For further information on the artists and crews included in this section please see:

The second vitrine displayed as part of the exhibition also featured several records and cassettes created during the 1980s and released by recording artists with a connection to Milton Keynes. Two of the vinyl records released on Back Beat Records featured recordings by Milton Keynes Hip Hop crew Science Revealed who formed in 1989. The members of Science Revealed (Martin (MDR), Paul (King Paul D) and Gary (G-Whizz)) had previously formed part of Hip Hop crew Double Deff Chillers. Science Revealed‘s first recording entitled “Kick the jam” can be heard in the below youtube video:

Science Revealed “Kick the jam” – Back Beat, 1989.

For further information on Science Revealed and details on the groups releases with Milton Keynes based record label Back Beat Records please see the below article:

The second two vinyl recordings included in the vitrine both featured compositions by pioneering UK Hip Hop crew The Sindecut and were recorded in Milton Keynes during the late 1980s. The Sindecut‘s first release entitled “Sindecut’s kickin’ yeah!” formed part of Milton Keynes based label Baad Records debut EP. The EP was released in 1987 and it is the earliest evidence of an official Milton Keynes Hip Hop vinyl record that we are aware of.

The Sindecut “Sindecut’s kickin’ yeah!” – Baad Records, 1987.

The Sindecut formed in the early 1980s and were from North London but worked with Buckinghamshire native DJ Evil Eddie Richards on their first two releases. By 1990 The Sindecut had progressed musically and signed to Virgin Records where they released several acclaimed singles and an album.

For full documentation on The Sindecut‘s releases please see the below article:

The final pieces of artwork featured in the exhibition were created by graffiti artist Shoes who was active in Buckingham during the late 1980s. Not much information is known about Shoes other than the artist created several pieces of artwork between 1987 and 1988 at various locations in Buckingham. It was rumoured that Shoes was a student at Buckingham university but to date this has never been confirmed.

For more information and to view further artwork by Shoes please see the below article:

Over the duration of the exhibition the Break to the beat team and members of the local Hip Hop community were able to use the project space as a platform to demonstrate various elements of Hip Hop culture to the wider public. Break to the beat also organised a live event to accompany the exhibition on Saturday 7th August in the MK Gallery Events Space. The final part of the article includes some live footage of Hip Hop’s various elements captured during the exhibition. To continue reading please visit the below link:

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