Milton Keynes Hip Hop Culture Part 1C (MK Gallery Exhibition 2021)

Welcome to the third part of the article documenting the Milton Keynes Hip Hop Culture Part One Exhibition held at MK Gallery Project Space during July and August 2021. This section follows on from parts A and B which can be accessed by clicking the below links:

MK Hip Hop Culture Part 1 – MK Gallery Project Space, 2021.

Once the exhibition had been set up and opened to the public the Break to the beat team, associates and members of the local Hip Hop community were able to use the space to demonstrate all aspects of Hip Hop culture. For the purposes of this article we have collated a small selection of short videos and images as examples. More footage and images from the exhibition can be viewed on our social media pages.

The first video below features DJ Moschops using a portable battery powered turntable to demonstrate Hip Hop culture’s element of scratching. As part of the exhibition DJ Moschops also collated a continuous looping cassette tape that contained recordings taken from the vinyl records displayed in both vitrines. The cassette tape was left to play while the exhibition was unmanned.

DJ Moschops – MK Hip Hop Culture Exhibition Part 1, MK Gallery, 2021.

The next video featured below is also a scratch demonstration, this time by DJ Kraze One using the same portable scratch turntable. During weekends DJ Kraze One and the break to the beat team were available to answer questions and give further information on the exhibition, it’s contents and the aim of the website.

DJ Kraze One – MK Hip Hop Culture Exhibition Part 1, MK Gallery, 2021.

Over the course of the two months that the exhibition ran several local performers and artists attended. The below performance by Paranoia MCJustice is an example of the beatbox and freestyle rap elements of Hip Hop culture and like all the other performances recorded during the exhibition was unplanned.

Paranoia MC & Justice – MK Hip Hop Culture Exhibition Part 1, MK Gallery, 2021.

Saturday afternoons became a meeting place for local Hip Hopers, friends and associates of Break to the beat. Whenever possible the team set up a sound system in the square at the front of the project space and played music for the community. Local DJs, rappers and dancers all contributed to the vibes. The below jam session features rapper Kaptin Krunch, DJ Moschops and B-Boy JMC and is a good example of the overall positive vibes that the exhibition brought to Milton Keynes city center.

Kaptin Krunch, JMC, DJ Moschops – MK Gallery, 2021.

On Saturday 7th August Break to the beat and Arkade Graphics organised an event to compliment the exhibition and made use of the MK Gallery Events Space which is situated next to the project space. Throughout the day Arkade created several pieces of artwork live in the square outside the venues while local DJs, rappers and dancers used the events space to demonstrate Hip Hop cultures various elements to the public.

Arkade GraphicsMK Hip Hop Culture Exhibition Part 1, MK Gallery, 2021.

The new pieces of artwork were put on display as part of the exhibition or in the case of the danger mouse character pictured below were donated to members of the community that attended the event. For more videos and images relating to this and other Break to the beat events please visit our social media pages.

Arkade GraphicsMK Hip Hop Culture Exhibition Part 1, MK Gallery, 2021.

Break to the beat would like to thank everyone that donated their knowledge and memorabilia to the exhibition and all the DJs, Artists and Performers that contributed their talents during its duration.

* special thanks to James Lambert and Benny Haws for the photography.

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