True Element (Chapter 2)

Welcome to the second chapter of the True Element story. To read chapter 1 please visit: True Element (Chapter 1).

In this section we will be documenting True Elements achievements during the later part of 1998 and 2001 which is when the project expanded from it’s foundations of recording to include performing live, first locally and then nationally. Towards the end of this chapter we will also document the completion of unfinished demos from this period by DJ Kraze One, MC Killa Joul & DJ Maniphest in later years.

For True Element to progress DJ Kraze One knew that the project had to develop from recording and releasing music to performing and promoting the creations in a live environment. By the end of 1998 DJ Kraze One‘s persistence had established True Element as a local Hip Hop crew with two independent releases “Take a look around” and “The True Elementalz EP” accredited to them. The releases featured contributions by DJ Maniphest, Mr Lusta, Hysko, Tony MacKilla Joul and although some of the collective had began to take light steps in to performing live there was not a enough collective will to organise and establish the project as a live crew during the early years. Continue reading