A Brief Interview with DJ Roughcut

Break to the beat recently caught up with one of Milton Keynes City’s Pioneering DJ’s Keith Hurley aka DJ Roughcut. DJ Roughcut hit the national Hip Hop scene in 1989 when he was runner up in the DMC UK mixing championship. Since hip hop’s golden age DJ Roughcut has produced and DJ’d For Pioneering Hip Hop Crews, Wize, DBD, and Klass Dismissed later moving in to the Rave, Jungle, Drum and Bass and Trance scenes. We caught up with Roughcut for a brief incite in to the hip hop scene in the late 1980′s/early 1990′s.

Wize Crew

What inspired you to get in to scratch DJ’ing and how did this lead to you entering the DMC mixing championship?

I was sitting watching the movie Breakdance and I remembering turning to my dad and saying I want to be one of them, my dad said “What a breakdancer?” and I said no “the guys behind with the turntables playing the music for them to breakdance to!” My parents bought me a pair of ‘disco double decks’ which I learnt to practice on. A competition appeared on a kids Saturday morning TV programme called Motormouth looking for young DJ’s to send in a demo for a DJ competition. I was in class at school one day and someone came to the class and said Keith Hurley needs to go to reception. I had no idea what it was going to be about, I got there and they said someone from ITV had called and I was a finalist in a competition and I needed to phone them to arrange appearing on TV!!!!I rushed to the local phone box after school and phoned them. I travelled by train to The Empire in Leicester Square where they were filming the competition. I walked in and immediately I was introduced to The Cookie Crew, Derek B, Simon Harris and Tony Prince the founder and owner of DMC, the World DJ Championship organisation; I was told they were going to be the judges for the competition!!! Continue reading